The Best Job Boards in Morocco Ranked

Looking for a job and diving headfirst into the search for job and internship offers? How to navigate through this jungle of recruitment websites in Morocco? Here’s a ranking of the best job boards and recruitment sites in Morocco.

There are many job sites in Morocco, but those that make a difference are those that offer simple and fast search tools. In this article, we offer a selection of the best job sites and present their operation so that you are never short of offers to apply for.

Different job sites for different needs

Selection criteria such as the type of job sought, your geographical position or the sector of activity greatly facilitate the job search.

Some of the best job sites are government portals such as or, but generalist job sites are just as popular such as

Others, like or, allow you to search through sites with a more specialized career choice.

In fact, you can even search directly on Google to find job offers.

Not all employers are listed on all job sites in Morocco, which is why once you have explored your favorite sites, Google can also serve as a filter.

In addition, you also have sites like or which are recruitment agency portals looking for candidates for their clients.

Optimizing your job search

Do not limit yourself to just one job site.

Reinvent yourself and make regular assessments. Ask yourself what you are looking for in a position and test different sites to find the one that offers you the most suitable jobs.

Each site only lists a few types of positions and a few specific types of companies. Try a few sites and save your favorites for the ones that suit you best.

The best job boards and recruitment sites in Morocco Ranked

Here is a list of the best job sites in Morocco, sign up and visit these sites regularly.


LinkedIn connects professionals from around the world to make them more productive and effective. This large professional network lists jobs, identifies contacts of employers who post these offers, and you can even follow companies that interest you on LinkedIn to be the first to know about the positions offered.

Not having a profile on LinkedIn has become a real disadvantage in your job search.


This job portal lists all available positions in the public sector, and addresses all competitions and recruitments in public establishments and companies.

You will also find the results of competitions as well as any changes, cancellations or extensions of competitions.


With nearly 3 million unique visitors per month and 600,000 subscribers on LinkedIn, has become a must in the field of employment and recruitment in Morocco.

The site broadcasts the latest job offers every day in all sectors of activity and allows for a search according to professions, industries, and cities to simplify the candidate’s approach.

It also offers the possibility for recruiters, trainers and any other organization to publish ads and assists them in attracting the most qualified profiles through geographically targeted diffusion and continuous advice.

Companies can fill out a job ad publication request and get more information via the recruiter space.

The site goes further with a section on internships, public employment, and job coaching, which offers job advice and CV and cover letter templates.


ReKrute is one of the leading recruitment websites in Morocco. Present since 2006 on the Moroccan recruitment site scene.

ReKrute brings together the latest developments in e-HRM, a high level of quality and an important network of international and national partners who are leaders in their field. ReKrute is a team of professionals with nearly 40 people in Morocco and Tunisia and 13 French-speaking African countries.

ReKrute is in the top 300 of the most visited websites in Morocco according to Alexa Ranking.


Alwadifa Maroc is the iconic site for public service recruitment in Morocco. Present since 2009, it lists the latest public sector competitions and recruitment in Arabic, taken from

Alwadifa Maroc is very popular in Morocco, it is in the top 50 of the most visited websites according to Alexa Ranking.


Created in 2002, is one of the pioneers of job and recruitment websites in Morocco.

It is a platform that welcomes job seekers and companies from all industries who want to recruit. Registration on the website is free. It offers access to a personal space: targeted search for job offers or candidates and the publication of ads 24/7 with an optimized alert system.

The website is free for candidates. For companies, service and product prices are available online.


Marocannonces is a free site for posting ads in Morocco. The site offers a job space where you can consult job offers in various sectors of activity.

Even if it is not limited to employment, the site offers a search engine for each section that helps you refine the ads and find only those that interest you. The « Advanced Search » function allows you to access a more complete search engine with various options to find what you are looking for.


The National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC) is a Moroccan public administrative establishment that broadcasts job announcements and offers in Morocco. This agency is responsible for improving the employability of its members in addition to facilitating the employer’s approach.

To optimize your search, you can consult our guide on how to find a job using the anapec website.


Founded in 2002, TECTRA is now the leading temporary employment company in Morocco.

The company has been granted authorization to operate by the Moroccan Ministry of Labor and Employment, in accordance with Article 482 of the Labor Code under Dahir No. 100-194 Rajab 1424.


IFCAR SOLUTIONS is a company that has gained over 12 years of experience in recruiting candidates for businesses of various sizes and industries.

In 2014, it launched IFCAR JOB, an online recruitment platform dedicated to the private, public, and semi-public sectors, as well as to the non-profit sector and international NGOs.

This platform is designed to meet the demands of the job market and satisfy the needs and requirements of both job seekers and recruiters.

It offers a dynamic and user-friendly experience that allows users to actively participate in all stages of the recruitment process.

Please share your opinion on the usefulness of this list in the comments. Good luck to everyone in your job search!

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